Boost your brand image by hiring a trusted meal delivery service in Dubai

January 12, 2022

Modern technology has infiltrated and altered consumer behaviors and preferences in both Dubai and the world as a whole. The spike in demand for online food delivery is one of the key areas where this shift in behavior is evident. The convenience and efficiency of online food ordering is preferred by many consumers over visiting restaurants and cafes. This can be attributed to multiple factors such as 247 availability, variety, and easiness of the transaction.

This shift in behavior has also had significant impact on food outlets, as it has allowed them to expand their reach considerably, where the current research indicates that in the UAE, the revenue from delivery channels is growing at a rate of 6% annually

Customers’ reliance on online food delivery in Dubai has increased notably as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the restaurant industry overall faced a sharp decline in sales during Q1 and Q2, it got back on track in the last two quarters of 2020 after official sources confirmed that the virus cannot be transmitted through food. From that point on, the sales curve shows a steady upwards rise which we expect to spill over into 2022 and more specifically in the delivery channels. According to Statista, the earnings of the online food delivery sector in the UAE is expected to touch US $1219 million in 2021.

This growth presents opportunities for additional revenue streams and restaurants across Dubai are enlisting the services of third party food delivery providers to tap into this lucrative channel, and help manage the demand of delivery which can be complex, costly, and timely to maintain in-house.

What research says

Research initiated on the food industry in Dubai, showed that the city has witnessed a 9.7% increase in restaurants and cafes in 2018 and the numbers are increasing with each passing day. However, at the end of a hectic day, consumers prefer to place an online food order and receive a hot meal delivered to their doorstep rather than stepping out to a restaurant.

Advantages of hiring a food delivery service in Dubai

Every restaurant aims to boost its sales but is limited by the number of seats and footfall at their location. Essentially their presence online allows them to bypass these limitations and increase sales without increasing overheads such as larger space, more seating, and being present in a higher visibility area that equates to higher rent.

Online food delivery apps simplify the process of food delivery for restaurants by logging the order, processing the payment, collecting the orders from the outlets, and finally delivering them to customers’ doorsteps. Their experience in the food delivery space also helps ensure that the ordered items reach the correct location in a timely manner with minimal damage.

For you as a restaurant owner, food delivery applications and delivery services will remarkably increase the business reach and popularity of your restaurant. 

These ease and facilitation of these services providers, allow you to maintain your focus on your foremost priority: making delicious and high-quality food that keeps customers returning for more.

As the food industry is flourishing, the number of such food delivery partners is also increasing, making it difficult for you to select the right delivery partner for your business – a key ingredient in the success of your online delivery stream of revenue. From a customer’s perspective, the quality of the food is crucial, as is the seamlessness, cleanliness and efficiency of your delivery provider. When judging the transaction, they look at the experience as a whole, rather than judging the restaurant and performance of the delivery company separately. Enlisting the right delivery provider can significantly improve your brand image, and boost customer retention. To help make your selection easy, we have come up with a list of things you should look for in a meal delivery service provider

1. Speed

When it comes to choosing a food delivery service in Dubai, speed is one of the most important factors that needs to be taken into consideration. People usually expect their food to be delivered within 30 minutes of placing an order. So, you must ask your delivery partner whether they are capable of maintaining the speed. In addition to that, you can also ask them to show their statistics on average delivery time frame. Research says 10% of orders get cancelled due to delivery delays, and food delivery apps are equipped with the function to sort restaurants by delivery time, which is why the time factor is crucial in every delivery business.

4. Multiple payment options

While selecting a meal delivery service don’t forget to confirm if they are offering multiple payment options that include cash, card and online payment. This is because a major part of Dubai’s population prefers to make online payments, so you need to ensure that your customers get all types of facilities when they are giving you the opportunity to serve. Offering customers multiple payment options is mandatory for business to grow .There are various payment methods which could be offered by a company. However cash on delivery is one of the most popular method in Dubai, UAE. Its about making sure your customers can make their payments with ease when they purchase goods or services from you.

2. Cost effectiveness

Choosing a cost effective delivery partner is essential for every restaurant owner. This is because customers always keep their eyes on the overall pricing which includes the delivery charges. So, the delivery charges should not put a burden on the actual order. However, the price should not be the only factor you should rely on because your delivery partner should also perform well otherwise it would negatively impact your brand image.

5. Transparent pricing

A reliable food delivery service provider will always be clear about its pricing system. Its always better to make sure that there are no charges for extra miles or late nights or even on weekends. 

Along with the above-mentioned points, you should also be very careful about the packaging and parcel tracking system. Get thorough information from the delivery company you want to hire before finalizing the deal. Offering tracking details will help increase the credibility of your brand.

3. Supportive customer service

It is important for you to select a delivery partner who is always available to assist you especially at the time of emergency. Supportive customer service can help you solve issues that can happen at any time of the delivery. So, you must check if the delivery partner you are planning to hire is reachable to you through phone, email, or messages whenever you need them. Your customers are looking for a reliable meal delivery service provider. They want to know that you are available on public holidays and odd timings for them, no matter what they need. Providing the best customer service is your number one priority.Outsourcing your customer support is a great way to ensure that you are giving the best experience to your customers at all times.

6. Hygiene

Another area for you to consider is the cleanliness standards of your delivery partner, afterall, when it comes to food customers do not accept compromises on hygiene and cleanliness. The most premium packaging being delivered in an unclean bag, will not be well received by your customers.
Customers have embraced online food ordering because it offers them the comfort of enjoying freshly-cooked tasty food at home without the hassle of stepping out after a long day. It also helps avoid human contact which has become essential nowadays due to the ongoing pandemic. If you are a restaurant owner and still have not embraced the new trend then it’s high time you step into the world of online food ordering by hiring a reliable online food delivery service provider in Dubai.  deliv offers one of the most convenient and affordable meal delivery services in Dubai that is sure to take your restaurant business to another level. To know more about us please visit our website.