6 Key Features of a Professional Courier Service Provider

February 7, 2022

Your customer has completed their first purchase online, and they are eagerly waiting for their product to arrive. They continuously keep checking the order status and observe the shipment tracking from time to time. And finally, the customer receives their product and is filled with joy. Deliv, apart from delivering your products to your customers, we also hand over those packages of happiness your customer anticipates. A buyer receiving their product on time will surely increase the probability of repurchasing your business. Whereas when a buyer gets their product before time, they start spreading the word about your business.

Likewise, when a package arrives at your customer, the delivery partner represents you during the delivery. Thus, partnering with a professional courier service provider becomes an integral piece of your business.

Your courier service provider in UAE should provide door-to-door delivery for swift operations. Accordingly, when your business demands, the delivery partner should be capable of making emergency deliveries. However, here are some necessary features that a professional courier service provider should incorporate.

Reliable Track Record

The track record of your professional courier service provider allows you to judge their punctuality. It will give you vital insights into the performance of the courier company. When choosing a courier company in UAE, these key performance indicators (KPI) are a must to consider when reviewing a track record,

The OTD Rate: The on-time delivery rate is a KPI that briefs the ratio of the total number of orders delivered versus deliveries made after the date of commitment.

Transit Time: Transit time informs about the time taken between two delivery stations. That allows you to judge the efficiency in their operations and the probability of making on-time deliveries.

Shipping Accuracy: This gives you the ratio of accurate, timely deliveries versus the total number of orders shipped in a specific period.

Customer Satisfaction Rate: An ideal way to judge a company is by knowing how satisfied their customers are with their services. To evaluate the customer satisfaction rate is by checking out their online reviews, past controversies, noteworthy negative comments about their business.

Proactive Customer Service

A responsible delivery partner will understand that resolving customer queries proactively adds immense value to the customer experience. Similarly, they will prioritize customer support and provide a delightful experience with dynamic ticket resolution.

The courier company in UAE needs customer handling to have a professional approach, and the customers should feel optimistic about their concerns. The representatives must be mature to tackle various scenarios, e.g., when a customer may be furious, upset or behaving immaturely. Moreover, they should revert to diffuse the problem and preserve the brand image.

As a courier service provider, their support team may encounter customers from various age groups and backgrounds. They will need patience while being creative and flexible at problem-solving. Just as importantly, while handling numerous incidents in a day, they should not forget to have a human touch. Empathizing with their problems, building rapport, and reassuring your assistance will lead to high-quality customer service.

Tech Savvy Delivery

Adaptation of technology has revolutionized various industries. In this age of the internet and social media, constructing a relationship with your customer has never been easier. Brands are now able to touch their customers psychologically by sharing emotional value. Courier services with technology integrated operation tend to be easier and faster. It brings effective communication and innovative approaches to make your delivery operations more efficient. Additionally, involving your customers with the technology adds extra value to your brand image and brings transparency to them.

Considering the amount of paperwork a courier company does, technology can help reduce the amount of paper used during the process. For shipment tracking use of barcode scanners and other handheld devices ensures that a product will reach its destination efficiently. Similarly, it will also allow us to track the shipment during transit. The operations and the fleet managers may use a tablet to make themselves more productive. Furthermore, customers can sign on the handheld device to confirm delivery.

Implementing process automation has proven over numerous operations-based businesses to reduce their expenses and give better ROI. For example, having automated return order management will make your process significantly faster, eliminating human error and the delay in execution.

Ecommerce Fulfilment

Online shopping has become a part of our day-to-day needs and a necessity for any business. The e-commerce industry has been booming and predicted to grow expeditiously in the coming ten years. Every e-commerce company will require to partner with a professional courier service provider. And that makes the courier business lucrative, but only if the delivery partners fulfil the requisites to match the e-commerce needs.

On-time delivery is an essential factor for e-commerce, and it makes a courier company stand out from the crowd. The OTD rate will be an eye-catching performance indicator to prove their capabilities. Similarly, e-commerce businesses also need express delivery services. That ensures same day and next day deliveries concerning the demands and their value proposition.

Proactive operations are the secret to a successful e-commerce operation where the delivery partner needs to fulfil a timely pickup and drop facility. As various online businesses offer immediate return pick up options, the delivery should accomplish the same. Lastly, cash on delivery is one of the critical options that buyers tend to look out for when shopping online. Therefore, the courier companies must equip to meet such demands.

Diverse Fleet

The business owner is aware of the nature of their product, as their product may come in different shapes and sizes. They may also require various conditions for shipment to increase their shelf life. Besides, the volume of the fleet will also affect the efficiency of the delivery.

Therefore, your courier partner must have a diverse fleet that assures your package will be safe during transit. An appropriate vehicle size will also allow loading with a sufficient number of packages, resulting in better efficiency. Moreover, some products may require temperature-controlled vehicles. If you tend to deal with products that require refrigeration, it is advisable to examine their fleet.

Delivery Outreach

Your customers could be anyone, a local buyer or an international shopper. You should be well aware of your delivery partner’s outreach in case of increased demands of foreign customers. Having global business operations helps improve profits by tapping into a new pool of customers. Many countries may have higher profit margins for your products and services when compared to domestic customers.

Therefore, the courier company should have both inbound and outbound movements across prime countries around the globe. A reliable courier service provider in UAE would also have its outreach across the nation. They should have the resources and capability to ship the package throughout the UAE, from cities to towns. Even though a courier company meets your requirements, the transit should be seamless, and their quality of service should be unwavering.

Deliv incorporates all features of a professional courier service provider. As the most reliable courier service provider in UAE, we understand our business and your customer, and we tend to deliver your value while maintaining your brand image. To know more about us, please get in touch with us on 971 600 567775.