5 solid strategies to Improve your eCommerce Business Sales

February 21, 2022

Are you struggling to increase your sales despite having an attractive website? Find out five effective strategies to boost your eCommerce sales in this competitive market. 

In this digital era, the best way to capture the attention of your target audience is to build an online store because you can find the entire world on the internet. Creating an attractive eCommerce store with hand-picked store items is the first step that you take to introduce your business to the world. However, you need something more to gain profit as the competition is high in this industry. The covid-19 pandemic has remarkably accelerated the growth of the eCommerce industry making it essential for businesses to embrace the digital way of selling. So, you must offer your clients something more than what your competitors are offering to increase your sales. In a place like Dubai which is known as a global shopping hub in the world, the competition is higher.  In this article, I have mentioned five effective tricks and tactics that you can use to boost your eCommerce business sales. 

1) Hiring a reliable delivery partner

Having a trusted delivery partner can highly increase your audience reach which is crucial to boost your sales. Consumers always look for smooth and timely delivery of their orders and it is your duty to fulfill their demands and expectations. There are an endless number of delivery service providers in the market today which may confuse you to select the right partner for your business. To make a wise decision, you can ask the following questions to the courier companies you wish to work with.  

  • Do you offer same-day or next-day delivery facilities?
  • Do you offer fast delivery?
  • Check the details of their service charges and ensure that there are no hidden charges 
  • Do you have a sincere and responsive customer support team?
  • Do you have a valid insurance policy to safeguard our products during the shipping process?
  • Ask them about their fleet

Go for a local courier company like deliv that fulfills most of these above-mentioned criteria for your business. Your brand reputation to a great extent depends on the courier service you provide. So do your research properly before saying yes to a delivery service company in the UAE.

2) Adopt email marketing strategy

Email marketing plays an important role in increasing your business revenue. To utilise the concept of email marketing for your online store in Dubai, you should begin with accumulating customer data. When you start making a list of your customers, you unlock several business building activities that include 

  • Creating a scope to construct a community of your target audience 
  • Getting the consent of your potential consumers to send promotional messages for free 
  • Retargeting people who showed interest in your products or services 

Email marketing works better than paid promotions because in email marketing, your consumers choose to get more information from you. You can divide your audience based on their product preferences and the type of products they purchased from you instead of sending a weekly newsletter to each subscriber. Unlike social media platforms, with email marketing the control remains in your hands.

3) Use social media 

Online marketing is incomplete without social media because it is the place where you can find the entire world including your target audiences. Reaching out to the right audience and marking your presence on social media is an art. Businesses follow various strategies to achieve that. 

For example, the first-time visitors often leave your store after browsing for a while. Though it is an inseparable part of having an eCommerce store, you can surely do something to reduce the number of these bouncing visitors. 

  • You can identify these visitors with the help of Facebook pixel
  • Then you can target your paid advertisements towards them

This process is called retargeting consumers. you can also retarget visitors by keeping a track of the products they have shown interest in in your store. You can promote that type of product to them on social media with some additional discounts to attract them. 

4) Reduce cart abandonment 

Shopping cart abandonment is a major issue in the eCommerce business, that a lot of business owners have to deal with. it is a process where visitors leave your online store empty handed. It happens even after making a lot of investments to attract traffic. According to Baymard institute’s 2019 research, the average rate of cart abandonment is 69.57%. This makes a huge impact on your overall sales. To avoid this, you can follow the below mentioned tips- 

  • Reduce shipping charges 
  • Avoid long and complex checkout process 
  • Offer multiple payment options 
  • Manage delivery times 
  • Site speed and overall performance 
  • Avoid restrictions on product quantity 

Shopping cart abandonment to a great extent depends on your delivery service. That is why you must have a trusted delivery partner like Deliv to avoid the issue of cart abandonment. 

5) Implement live chat 

Implementing a live chat facility in your online store is another effective strategy that you can use to increase your sales. This allows your visitors to interact with your customer support executives and help you understand your clients’ needs and what they are looking for. Sometimes visitors have multiple queries before purchasing products from you. instead of solving these queries immediately, if you make them jump through hoops to connect with you then they could start looking for other options. Each of these above-mentioned strategies is very much effective for e commerce business growth. Try to implement these tactics and experience the increase in sales. If you think your eCommerce business needs the support of a reliable delivery partner, then we are here to help. Deliv, a local courier company in Dubai offers same-day and next-day delivery services to eCommerce businesses to increase their audience reach and improve sales. To know more about us please contact us at +971 600 567775. Lets grow together.